Drywall – Repair vs. Replace

Drywall Repair vs Replace - Stucco Contractors Santa Fe, NM

Keeping your home’s walls in tip-top shape is a must to ensure its attractive look. Over the years, many things can happen that might affect your walls, including small cracks or even gaping holes. Addressing these issues as soon as possible is necessary to bring back the beauty of your entire home. You have two […]

What is the Difference Between Plaster and Drywall?


Many homeowners are caught between the use of plaster and drywall. If you have considered building new walls or adding one to your current residence, you’ll have to choose how you want the finish them. However, you only have a limited number of options for finishing your newly built walls – drywall or plaster. What’s […]

How to Tell if Drywall Needs to be Replaced?

Stucco Contractor Santa Fe - How to Tell if Drywall Needs to be Replaced

A lot of homes and even commercial spaces in the U.S. use drywalling as an effective walling solution indoors. The advantage of using drywall is that it’s easier to handle and faster to install. Plus, it’s less messy than the standard brick-and-mortar walling.  But drywalls are not without their downsides. No matter how great something […]