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Pecos is a village in San Miguel County, New Mexico. It has a population of 1,308 as of the 2021 census. It is rapidly growing compared to other parts of San Miguel County, thanks in part to its proximity to Santa Fe, making it a desirable commuter city. 

Activities such as hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and meditation are prominent in Pecos. This village is a Western epic set at an all-weather pass where the west was repeatedly lost and reclaimed. The first settlers to arrive were Pueblo and Plains Indians, Spanish settlers, Santa Fe Trail traders, and Confederate and Union soldiers.

Pecos is the best place for people who love to experience fresh air and the beat of a bird’s wings in a high mountain woodland. Hike through the woods or to a 16th-century mission, cast a line in the river, admire the wildflowers, spend time watching dozens of different bird species, visit an art studio, taste a meal, or book a cottage. These are just a few of the great things to do when visiting Pecos.



The remains of Indian pueblos serve as a meaningful reminder of people who once prevailed in the midst of juniper, pion, and ponderosa pine woodlands of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, not far from Santa Fe. Pecos National Historical Park allows locals and tourists to explore different cultural interchange and geographic elements that were remarkable in the Pecos Valley’s rich history.

Pecos National Historical Park is composed of several noncontiguous units. The central unit of the park preserves the ruins of Pecos Pueblo. The first Pecos pueblo was one of two dozen rock-and-mud villages built in the valley around AD 1100 in the prehistoric Pueblo II Era. Within 350 years, the Pueblo IV Era Pecos village had grown to house more than 2,000 people in its five-storied complex. The central unit also protects the remains of a Spanish mission near the pueblo built in the early 17th century.

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In addition to that is the Pecos Wilderness. It is a protected area in Santa Fe National Forest and Carson National Forest. It is situated within the Camino Real Ranger District of Carson National Forest and Espanola Ranger District of Santa Fe National Forest. Next is the Santa Fe National Forest, which was established on July 1, 1915, by the U.S. Forest Service. 

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