Lath and Plaster Repair Service in Santa Fe

Santa Fe Area Plaster and Lath Repair and Installation

Lath and Plaster Repair Service in Santa Fe

Plaster and lath installations and repairs are done to create, build, and maintain divider or barrier walls inside a home or building. Most plaster and lath walls are made from a combined structure including wooden panels or laths, and plaster that fills the crevices between the boards to create a firm and durable wall structure. Plaster and lath walls can easily be mounted indoors and later painted or covered to give the illusion of a built-in wall structure that matches the rest of your interiors.


While separately, the two items are very different, they do serve a purpose together. Plaster installation, by itself, is also available to serve as a stand-alone structure where it’s needed. Plaster has long been used for a variety of building projects to increase longevity and durability. If you’d just like plaster installed for a wall barrier, then we can easily do so. The debate between plaster and drywall has been a long one between contractors over the years as building tools and techniques develop, but we still appreciate plaster for its durability that is much higher than drywall, even to date.

To repair plaster, there are a few significant tools and techniques needed to do so. These include sandpaper, a hammer, drywall knife, a chisel, and a plaster trowel. Without these tools, your plaster could easily come out uneven or improperly adjusted to the old plaster, failing to blend in accordingly. We also need drywall tape, the binding solution, and the plaster mix itself to better blend a repair into the rest of the wall. Using all of the tools available, we’ll begin by removing the damage, or softening its appearance with the binding solutions, then covering and sealing it with the new plaster mixture. The hardware tools help achieve an even and polished finish, as plaster can otherwise be sticky and tough to work with using bare hands or simple tools.

One of the biggest benefits to lath and plaster wall structures that helps it beat out the rest is its ability to soundproof a room. Unlike drywall and even some plaster by itself, plaster and lath walls are extremely thick and therefore provide the barrier to block out noise. This means that installing such structures into your home or commercial space can be ideal for particular rooms where you’re sharing a home with multiple family members or an office space with several employees. Soundproofing a room increases privacy and overall comfort, too.

Laths can easily become broken or cracked over time, typically with heavy force or excessive use. When this does happen, however, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t likely need to replace the whole lath panel board, but instead the one slab that’s damaged or broken. We’ll have to remove all the pieces that are broken and replace them with new laths that are then sealed into place and secured tightly. Using fasteners, we can secure them in place before applying plaster to the new panel.