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Parapet Repair Services in Santa Fe, NM

Parapet walls, just like any other architectural wall structure, require  occasional repairs and maintenance service as well. Parapet walls are part of your roof and overlap the area above your door, providing a frame that nicely shapes the rest of your home. Parapet is often made from various materials including clay, limestone, and even terra cotta. Regardless of what type of parapet wall you have, we have the right tools and resources to help repair any cracks or damages to your parapet to ensure safe and long-term use.  


Parapet walls are low rise edges that conceal the top of a roof, door, or doorframe, where your roof would naturally meet the structure. Parapet walls are similar to extensions of your roof, but are slightly less dense than a roof as they are curved and provide a protective cover of your door or porch. While it’s not necessarily a parapet that becomes damaged over time, the material it’s made from can. Most parapet walls are made from materials that – when dried out or hit with force or age – can easily crack and deteriorate over time. Santa Fe Stucco Contractor can help to remold such parapets walls and install new and sturdier solutions so you don’t have chips or cracks falling on your head when entering a door with a parapet wall.

Parapet repairs are something that you should consider instead of replacing your parapet wall altogether. Since our repairs are often less expensive than newer replacements, we can easily save you time and money on your parapet wall repairs as most repairs can be done using localized patching tools and resources, rather than restructuring the whole arch or wall completely. Parapet repairs, whether your wall is made from clay or limestone, are patched using composite binding solutions that are usually matching aggregate mixtures of your existing building material. Our repairs are highly durable and intended to save you time and money, while keeping your parapet wall looking great and like new.

Rebuilding a parapet wall requires using arches and tools that help us recreate the original look that frames your door or porch. While in some cases it is possible to change the shape of your parapet wall, most clients simply want a newer version of their old parapet wall built instead. Rebuilding a new shape requires new measurements and framing tools, while rebuilding the old one typically only includes using the existing shape to create a sturdier and more updated parapet wall.

By repairing or replacing your parapet walls, you’re not only maintaining the appearance of your home but you’re also increasing security. The last thing you want is for a guest to arrive at your door and be welcomed with clay chips falling on top of them because your parapet wall is cracking. Nor do you want your parapet wall to crumble completely and cost you thousands to replace from scratch. Instead, we provide regular maintenance and repairs on parapet walls that deter such unwanted occurrences from reaching that point. We also offer re-stucco and stucco repair service.