The Best Re-stucco & Stucco Repair Services in Santa Fe, NM

Best re-stucco and stucco repair company in Santa Fe, NM

Stucco Repair and Re-stucco Services in Santa Fe, NM

Stucco Repair Services in Santa Fe, NM

Re-stucco and stucco repairs are available to help your building get a new life and restoration. Stucco has a tendency to crack or flake off of exteriors, often as a result of temperature changes, excessive or severe weather, as well as other factors including stucco that has not been mixed properly. When this occurs, your stucco will likely stick for a little while but you will notice it deteriorating quicker than usual.


If you’re wondering whether or not it is possible to re-stucco or apply a new layer of stucco over an old layer of stucco, then the answer would be yes! However, the new layer of stucco is only as secure and durable as the old layer that it’s being applied on. If your old layer of stucco is cracked and severely uneven, then you can expect your new layer of stucco to crack in the same or similar area as your old one. It is best to start out a new layer of stucco over an even or refined old layer, to ensure lasting results.

Stucco repairs might be needed when your stucco has significant chips or cracks in its surface. As mentioned previously, this can happen when your stucco is aging, hasn’t been applied or mixed well, and could simply use some revamping. Stucco repairs are typically done using another enhanced stucco composite that binds together and seals any cracks or crevices that have since formed in the original structure. Stucco patching solutions are also available for minor layers of cracked stucco that don’t necessarily need filling but rather resurfacing.

Cleaning your stucco also requires some patience as well. Taking on the challenge of cleaning stucco isn’t an easy one, given that the material is quite porous and can easily accumulate all kinds of dirt, dust, and debris over time. And while your stucco doesn’t necessarily need to be cleaned once a month, you should consider having a professional cleaning done to it ever so often to maintain its original appearance and prevent discoloration. Professional stucco cleaners are able to safely remove large amounts of debris from your stucco without damaging it or scrubbing away its texture. If you need at-home tips to remove minor scuffs or dirt, you can also use a dampened nylon cloth to do minor touch-ups.

Other general maintenance that’s needed on stucco, aside from cleaning and repairs, includes inspections. While you may not be able to repair the stucco by yourself, you can certainly track when it’s starting to deteriorate and notify a professional about the damages before they worsen. Doing so will also save you significant time and cost on re-stucco projects, if your existing stucco isn’t too old or in poor condition. However, if you notice your stucco deteriorating, cracking or flaking, you’ll be happy to know that the repairs are easy and can be done in a jiffy to prolong your stucco’s appearance and lifespan.