Stucco Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Stucco Contractors Santa Fe, NM - Stucco Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

A stucco exterior can be a lovely addition to your home. It can, however, grow unattractive if left alone without adequate maintenance. Stucco Contractors Santa Fe has all the information you need about stucco upkeep, whether you’ve recently purchased a home, spotted some cracks in your stucco, or are considering new siding. So, if you […]

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Stucco?

Stucco repair

In building a new house or simply renovating, most homeowners are very meticulous with the construction materials. Especially if the house is in a crucial location. Everyone wants to use durable materials and have a sturdy foundation. Experts in the construction business consider stucco as one of the major components in building houses and other […]

Ten Useful Questions To Ask Your Stucco Contractor

Stucco Contractor Santa Fe NM - Ten Useful Questions To Ask Your Stucco Contractor

Stucco is a plastering material used for exterior and interior finishing. Unlike regular plasters, properly finished ones are durable, beautiful to look at, and easy to preserve. However, it can result in severe rotting, bulging, moisture leakage, and cracking if applied poorly. This is why stucco application is better left to professional stucco contractors. Take Stucco Contractors Santa […]

The Difference Between EIFS and Traditional Stucco

Stucco Contractor Santa Fe - The Difference Between EIFS and Traditional Stucco

There is a lot of allure in stucco.  It has a classic look, with an ornate, intricate texture that has defined the American Southwest for decades.  It’s also a durable, easy to maintain coating that provides a lot of protection to your property from the elements.  The materials it’s made out provides a great shield […]

Does your Stucco need refreshing?

Stucco Contractor Santa Fe - Does your Stucco need refreshing

Are you tired of your outdated and weather beaten stucco?  There is a way to freshen the appearance and have your home looking like new.  Stucco repair is one of the best ways to give your home a brand new look. And though stucco can last for literally a hundred years, that doesn’t mean it can’t be […]

Plaster VS. Stucco

Stucco Contractor Santa Fe - Plaster VS. Stucco

Choosing Stucco Vs. Plaster Plaster and stucco have a similar appearance and process, but they’re quite different. It’s essential to understand how, when, and where to use them, especially in renovations. The differences between the two are not readily evident as both are applied in the same way with the same thickness and texture. But the main elements in each are […]