Ten Useful Questions To Ask Your Stucco Contractor

Stucco Contractor Santa Fe NM - Ten Useful Questions To Ask Your Stucco Contractor
Stucco Contractor Santa Fe - Ten Useful Questions To Ask Your Stucco Contractor

Stucco is a plastering material used for exterior and interior finishing. Unlike regular plasters, properly finished ones are durable, beautiful to look at, and easy to preserve. However, it can result in severe rotting, bulging, moisture leakage, and cracking if applied poorly.

This is why stucco application is better left to professional stucco contractors. Take Stucco Contractors Santa Fe as an example. We have the skills, resources, and knowledge to provide you with high-quality stucco and plastering services. ​

In the meantime, we gathered ten questions you should ask stucco contractors or companies if you are planning on hiring one. Ask these before you engage!

Where is your headquarters located?

Impressiveinteriordesign.com says that you should ask this to your potential stucco contractor first. Inquiring about the company’s location assists you in determining whether or not they are the finest hire. 

To ensure easy transportation and operations, hire top-rated providers near your location. For example, if you are in Santa Fe, you might want to look for stucco installers in or near Santa Fe.

Do you have any references?

Client references can assist you in gaining an impression of a stucco installer’s quality of work. By speaking with others who have worked with the contractor you have chosen, you will determine whether or not the contractor embodies the proper skillset you are looking for.

Does your service come with a warranty?

When stucco repair or installation is done correctly, it provides a long-term remedy. Therefore, a professional and confident stucco contractor does not hesitate to offer a warranty on their work. 

Are you licensed?

You must verify that the contractor you intend to employ has a valid license and insurance policy. This ensures that you will not be deemed responsible for the consequences when something goes wrong during the project.

What vendors do you work with?

It is just as vital to inquire about suppliers’ references as to inquire about clients’ references. This also assures that you are dealing with a reputable stucco contractor.

How long have you been working in the industry?

Working with a professional stucco contractor is more secure than engaging with a rookie because stucco repair and upkeep need precision and expertise. So remember to inquire about a contractor’s background in the industry.

How do you handle payments?

Before the project starts, you must verify that you have a thorough understanding of the payment procedures. In the event of a larger project, your contractor may even want a deposit. Contractors frequently divide the total cost into portions during the process.

How does your stucco repair process work?

Ask about your contractor’s basic approach for stucco repair and upkeep, so you have a good understanding of what to expect. If you are unclear about a step, do not be afraid to ask for clarification.

Will your work affect our daily routine and activities in our house?

Every stucco installation project can become filthy. It may even get loud at times. So have your stucco contractor alert you when these happen for you to prepare beforehand.

What kind of problems normally occur during a stucco repair?

A seasoned contractor can provide insight into potential issues that may arise throughout the repair process and how they tackle them.


​Stucco work is best left to professionals. So, trust Stucco Contractors Santa Fe to complete the job for you! We have the experience to do even the most complex design. So, call us today to have your questions answered. Our line is always open for you!