Stucco Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Stucco Contractors Santa Fe, NM - Stucco Maintenance Tips for Homeowners
Stucco Maintenance Tips for Homeowner - Stucco Contractors Santa Fe NM

A stucco exterior can be a lovely addition to your home. It can, however, grow unattractive if left alone without adequate maintenance. Stucco Contractors Santa Fe has all the information you need about stucco upkeep, whether you’ve recently purchased a home, spotted some cracks in your stucco, or are considering new siding. So, if you want to keep your property looking great while also saving money on future potential repairs, go over this checklist.

What Is Stucco Maintenance?

What Is Stucco Maintenance - Stucco Contractors Santa Fe NM

Stucco is a popular type of exterior siding that is made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water. It is a material that can last for many years with proper care. However, like all types of siding, stucco will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. The best way to keep your stucco in good condition is to perform regular maintenance. This includes cleaning the surface with a mild detergent, patching any cracks or holes, and painting the stucco every few years. By taking these steps, you can extend the life of your stucco and avoid the need for major repairs. Read on to make the most out of your stucco maintenance.

How Often Should Stucco Maintenance Be Performed?

How Often Should Stucco Maintenance Be Performed - Stucco Contractors Santa Fe NM

Stucco maintenance is done yearly or semi-annually due to the material’s significant maintenance requirements. If appropriately maintained, it can endure up to twenty years. Apply oil-based paint to your home’s stucco every two years for optimal protection and durability.

You can keep your exterior stucco in good shape and prevent costly repairs by following seven guidelines.

Freshly applied paint can crack, bubble, and peel within days.

Freshly applied paint can crack bubble and peel within days - Stucco Contractors Santa Fe NM

It’s essential to keep an eye on all painted surfaces for a few weeks after a paint job is finished, and then check external walls for faults twice a year to discover early paint failure and apply corrective steps quickly.

Examine outside walls in various weather conditions.

Examine outside walls in various weather conditions - Stucco Contractors Santa Fe Galisteo NM

Although stucco paint can survive for many years, regular inspections in hot and cold weather can help you catch issues early. Since walls expand and contract in response to temperature variations, a small, superficial crack discovered on a hot day may reveal more significant and profound damage when inspected in cooler weather.

Regularly seal it

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Stucco must be sealed when it is initially applied to your property. Because stucco is a porous material, it must be protected from moisture incursion. A straightforward concrete masonry sealer is typically used; this process penetrates the stucco and prevents moisture from entering. One application at the beginning is a good start, but we suggest that you do more for the utmost protection. These sealers are effective, although they must be renewed every five years.

Think about using an elastomeric coating

Stucco Contractors Santa Fe - Elastomeric Coating on Stucco Seton Village NM

Consider putting an elastomeric coating on your older stucco, especially if you’ve already seen any cracking. These waterproof coatings keep moisture out while also filling in hairline gaps. Elastomeric coatings stretch if a fracture develops and expands beneath the seal due to their flexible qualities. The seal will still keep water out of the cracks in this manner. These sealants are usually suitable for at least ten years.

Gap strategy

Stucco Contractors Santa Fe Gap strategy - Pecos NM

One preventative measure is to leave a gap between two stucco sections while laying stucco. A control joint is a term for this gap. This space exists to prevent cracks from spreading across a vast area. The opening will hold the shot in place, eliminating the need for complete stucco repair. This is an excellent idea for minimizing harm if an issue arises.

The Best Stucco Maintenance Tips

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Cleaning stucco can be challenging, especially if it has been damaged. If you need stucco cleaning and repair service, get a professional team to do this for you. A professional stucco team is able to assess your stucco’s condition, perform any necessary repairs, and give advice on its upkeep and cleaning. Stucco Contractors Santa Fe specializes in both interior and exterior stucco and stone treatments. For any of your stucco and stone needs, contact our friendly team today.