How to Tell if Drywall Needs to be Replaced?

Stucco Contractor Santa Fe - How to Tell if Drywall Needs to be Replaced

A lot of homes and even commercial spaces in the U.S. use drywalling as an effective walling solution indoors. The advantage of using drywall is that it’s easier to handle and faster to install. Plus, it’s less messy than the standard brick-and-mortar walling. 

But drywalls are not without their downsides. No matter how great something is at the beginning, it will always eventually need to be repaired. The good news about drywalls is that most of the time, the drywall repair options aren’t rigorous. The damages can often be fixed with a bit of sanding and patching. 

But how do you know when you need to replace it? Here are the typical problems to look for in your drywall.


Okay, we know that a crack isn’t necessarily the bringer of doom and gloom, but it is a sign that you shouldn’t just ignore. There are inevitable cracks that are the result of natural settling, and this is especially the case if the drywall isn’t carefully installed. 

However, some cracks might be a serious sign that there is a problem with the

structural integrity of your home or building. Even worse, it may indicate that there was a massive flaw during the installation process that requires you to have your drywall repaired immediately.

A drywall contractor or a stucco contractor, who has the relevant experience in dealing with drywall, can easily find the cause of the crack. They can even help you determine what the appropriate next step is. 


You might have wondered why there are some doors that have stoppers that stop a door from opening all the way back to the wall, and that’s to limit the possibility of creating a doorknob-shaped hole in your drywall. Holes from other sources can also happen to your beautifully installed drywall, such as holes from hinged picture frames or even holes from unexpected accidents. 

Holes are problems that can pop up quickly on your walls without you even expecting them. 

These small damages can be fixed with some sanding, mesh patch material, and a joint compound. This is a simple repair for small holes and you might even try to do it yourself. We recommend leaving the larger, more extensive holes to the professionals.

Stucco Contractor Santa Fe - How to Tell if Drywall Needs to be Replaced? - Hole in the drywall


Another thing that causes drywall repairs is popped screws or nails. These sometimes end up getting pushed out of the lumber or drywall as it settles, which creates a small bump. 

This type of damage isn’t extensive and doesn’t require the wall to be replaced. However, depending on the number of areas this is happening in, you may want to consider hiring a professional to make the repairs.

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Those are the typical damages that you can expect on your drywall. There are a lot of DIY repair tips that you can check online but if the damages are extensive then it would be a lot more efficient if you just hire a contractor to repair the drywall. You can also contact a stucco contractor to check out how extensive the damages are.

Taking into consideration the signs and the common reasons for drywall damages, it would be best to keep a lookout and to be careful with how you treat your walls to ensure that you can keep them in pristine condition as long as possible. 

Hiring a professional to deal with massive damages to your walls is more efficient than trying to do it yourself, this is especially the case if it’s not something you are familiar with. Stucco Contractors Santa Fe can assist you with your drywall needs, from repair to installation. Our friendly customer service is waiting to serve you today.