Pros and Cons of a Stucco Exterior

Pros and Cons of a Stucco Exterior - Santa Fe NM Stucco Contractor

Stucco has long been a favorite material used for building homes. It’s often mistakenly compared to plaster because of its characteristics. However, stucco is a wall coating usually applied on the exterior walls and has four layers: the dash coat, scratch coat, brown coat, and finish coat. This material is well-known not only for its advantages but more so because of its disadvantages.

Stucco Exterior - Santa Fe NM Stucco Contractor

Stucco can be very deceiving, making you think everything has been done well because it looks very sharp. But, stucco is also absorbent. The water it absorbs can lead to moisture and other uses like severe structural damage and can also create a flat look from afar.

Is that the kind of material you’ve been planning to get? Before choosing stucco, be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. So, read on and learn more about stucco as well as its pros and cons from the list below.

Pros of a Stucco Exterior

• Sustainable

Stucco materials are easy to source. They can be found locally, too. All that’s needed are sand, cement, and water to mix.

Pros of Stucco Exterior - Sustainable - Santa Fe Stucco Contractor NM

• Durable

Durable Exterior Stucco - Santa Fe NM Stucco

This is the number one advantage of stucco; its durability goes beyond surviving the test of time. It is also resistant to many things, including fire, rot, impact, mold, and termites. Depending on your climate, stucco homes live up to a hundred years.

• Easily retains color

Regularly repainting is not necessary for stucco finishes. Unlike many other materials, they actually last longer due to the durable pigments. The perfect appearance of your stucco will not be complete without the color of your choice.

Easily retains color - Santa Fe NM Stucco Contractor

• Resistant to sound

Resistant to sound - Santa Fe NM Stucco Contractor

The busy streets of the city cannot easily penetrate through the stucco siding of your home. It buffers the noise and keeps your home serene, especially while you sleep at night. This could be another major trait of stucco for the benefit of people who don’t like hearing noises outside.

• Desirable texture

Achieve that striking, seamless look to your home by applying a stucco finish to your choice of texture. With properly maintained stucco, your property can have an increased value if you plan to sell it in the future. This is due to the very appealing look that stucco creates.

Desirable texture - Santa Fe NM Stucco Contractor

Cons of a Stucco Exterior

• Regular maintenance

Proper maintenance is needed to keep your stucco looking good and safe for your family. Its maintenance involves the following steps:

– Frequent stucco inspection by the experts

– Fill in any crack or hole on the walls as soon as possible

– Use your garden hose to clean your stucco home, but it must not be a strong spray or pressure washing, which might damage the surface.

• Cost of labor

Applying stucco is a very tedious and intensive job that only the experts can do best. Therefore, you should expect to pay a professional team to do the work.

• Not flexible

Customization is not allowed when using stucco. It can break or crack in the areas near the soil shifts. In that case, you may also mix polymer to your stucco for better flexibility.

• Porosity

Water damage and retention are some of the issues that make customers hesitate to use it. Stucco homes are not only safe. If yours is done by our professionals, you can expect it to be durable enough to withstand the test of time. Before selling it in the future, have an expert inspect your property for any of those issues and damages.

Stucco Professionals You Can Count On!

Deciding to start a new stucco and plastering project is tough. From selecting the materials to the actual construction of it, you want experts to have your back. Stucco Contractor Santa Fe has been in the business for decades, and we’ve served many homeowners with top-quality stucco repair as well as commercial stucco services.

Our team of stucco specialists has the tools, resources, and expertise to deliver first-class results of exterior stucco services and interior plastering services to any home or building. It is also part of our expertise to perform ongoing maintenance support, cleaning, repair, installation, and so much more. Your property will surely become sturdy and safe for years to come.

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